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Hey is there a good time of the year  to get married in New Zealand .The sun emerges at home(Scotland) so it seems Spring and Summer are favourites over there.

No surprises there.Anyway the article below was interesting for those intending......x

but first let me tell you about the new book on weddings co-published by one of me girls in here.

Kerril Cooper.celebrant, and very busy lady has written with Denise Irvine.

`The Big Day` which  covers every aspect of arranging a wedding – from the simplest ceremony through to a lavish affair featuring a cast of many hundreds.

Key to this book is information about what a couple must do to comply with the law in New Zealand and the range of options for choosing a celebrant, the venue, and all the various details that add up to making a wedding day special. No other book addresses all the practical information associated with getting married as comprehensively as this book.

Throughout the book the authors provide useful tried and tested examples that have ‘worked’ for weddings they have taken in the past, from vows to suggested readings, as well as examples of ideas that have not been so successful, helping the reader steer a safe course and make the day perfect.

Format: PB
ISBN - 10:  
ISBN - 13:   978-1-86966-236-3
RRP: $29.99

and to our article from Scotland

Contemporary Scottish weddings are a blend of ancient tradition and modern splendour. Beginning in the thirteenth century, it became customary for the priest to announce each wedding in church for three successive Sundays. These announcements came to be known as the banns of marriage, and this practice continued for more than six hundred years, although in the twentieth century it was reduced to a single announcement. To this day it is still necessary for all couples to give notice of their intent to marry.

Originally the wedding service was held twice - first in Scots just outside the church doors, and second in Latin inside the church. Even then, the most important part of the ceremony was the exchanging of rings, the circular shape representing never-ending love, and today many couples choose Scottish and Celtic themed rings to celebrate their relationship and their heritage.

So to all you happy couples out there: sit back, relax and check out some of our great ideas on our webiste and all the little extras you never even thought you needed!


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