The Weather

Posted 11 years, 8 months ago by Bob Wallace    0 comments

Ok so its not nice weather ,at least in New Zealand, But some of us are now in count-down mode.

The International Clan Gathering is on 11 weeks tomorrow Saturday the 25th July in Edinburgh and our party of 12, Clan Wallace , are making the trip.The organising has been pretty exciting,such so that I intend to make a guided  trip to Scotland, maybe Ireland every year. And maybe even to Wales, with a Welsh guide.

So watch this space for more info.If its something yuo wanted to do at low cost let me know.

We have loaded lotsa flags on our website.

have a look.

AND we can get lots more.if you have been searching for unusual flags give us a try to source for you.

I like the~`South will Rise Again` (cool)

Our Welsh love Ring is a winner.

see it here

As always stay safe and let me know if i can help you with any of those `hard to get` things you have been searching for




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