The Highlander

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The winter is creeping past.its meant to a cold weekend here, so if you are at a loose end have a look here.

Yes my  blog has information on and links to

Scotland peoples centre,  Anyone wishing to explore the fascinating world of Scottish family history can access digitised sources - birth, marriage and death records, wills, census records and coats of arms - going back almost 500 years.

and a story on the Children of Lir, fascinating

Our front page has all thats new on items connected with the Children of Lir. Be in early to order any pieces that catch your attention.thanx.

And twice amonth i get internet radio from the lovely Moray coast of Scotland.helps keep me in touch.

If you like that click here on to the show of the maestro of the airwaves himself ,Andy Ross. I save the show to computer and then load on ipod.  great stuff

2 hours once a fortnight.just grand

all the best


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