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Céad Míle Fáilte!
"One hundred thousand welcomes!"
Yes we have a new look `one for all ` newsletter which will come to you twice a month.I am always gathering some information of one sort or another so i thought this would be the place to share, plus of course bring you specials and the latest additions in our shop.

Clan Gatherings

Hastings is on at Easter @ Lindisfarne College. Come see our tartan range of goods if you are to be there.

Specials on tartan sash ordered in April

Reduced from $85 to $70.

100% new wool. Made in Scotland,

Whichever way you like to wear it, is fine, and yes there are a few hundred thousand pages on the internet already,on the subject of wearing a sash

I see there is a new book out on Glencoe

John Sadler has written.` Glencoe the Infamous Massacre 1692.`

The author is a passionate historian and a gifted story teller.In his research he believes the cause to have been a chain of misguided events.

ISBN-978-84868-086-9.Amberley Publishing.

I have a few copies coming.Let me know if you would like.

Pipe Band World

I hear the rumbles of a few bands already planning next years nationals at Timaru.How exciting is that.       Whats on offer.!

An Achitibuie Special

Balance Tone Drone Reeds

@ only $100 for April and whilst stocks last

Stop press

For users of Electronic chanters such as Fagerstrom etc

I just bought off trade me one o these last week

Portable Wireless PA Amplifier & Microphone

Man its awesome. I want it to be able to play at my stalls and demonstrate the fagerstroms.

Its rechargeable, lasts for hours, very compact.

Contact me if you want more info..see on trade me

In Scotland the National Piping Centre Seasonal Schools begin with the Spring School which will take place at The National Piping Centre 5th - 9th April.

I was just interested as to how they grade puplis.see here

Celtic Jewellery 

Convex trefoil knot pendant

This is  really nice piece.approx 3 cm x 3 cm so quite large

Usually $45 but down to $40 for the first 5 takers.

We anxiously await the new St Justin catalogue and also the new range of Irish jewellery. Celtic Summer Collections.

Watch this space.

Speaking of Irish

did you know there is an Irish Dictionary online.

Its fascinating

You type in a word and hey presto

Find it right here

Trip to Scotland

Some have wondered what happened to the planned trip to Scotland. Sadly I just cant get around to it on an annual basis, but am preparing a pamphlet on a July  2011 trip. More info soon.

 Waipu. very early notice

Finally every year we go to Waipu for New Year.For the last 7 or 8 years me and me buddy Noel have `danced ` around the memorial @ the Hogmanay  bells,(usually with a female !)  a tune or two on the pipes, a gude haunshake,awrebest for the New year, sing Auld Lang Syne and so on.Maybe 30 or so  turned up this year

Why not come join us this year.

We would love to make a hundred souls Choir 


Till next time





Alistair MacKenzie
11 years ago
Interesred inthe Glencoe book
10 years, 10 months ago
I visited your shop a couple of months ago Was impressed with the Electric chanter forgot the price I would need a small amp with it(optional at this stage.
You might remember as from Napier and played for brothers wedding in Auckland.
I was also in the Dingwall and British legion pipe-band in the 70's(74-76)also in B Cal airways
I would love to get you news letters
Cheers Ernest
10 years, 10 months ago
yes Ernest
the system here has not left me your contact details
can you leave a phone number please and i will contact
10 years, 7 months ago
Kia Ora. I am very much wanting to contact Ernest. I sadly do not have any contact for him and was wanting to know if you could send him my details so that he could contact me.

It is relative to Napier Council Business. I would appreciate if you could do this for me.

Linstead. 027 5467832 - 138 Springfield Rd, Napier

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