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Whether you like it or not there`s only 39 days till Christmas, so dont delay any more,can we help at all,Give us a call on,

0800 HAGGIS (424447)

and whats more for the next 4 orders over $50 we will give away a

free claddagh pendant   

Clan Clothing

And we are getting organised with Clan Davidson now to supply their goods , Have a look  here, Are you a member of the Clan, want to join, come back to us here and we will pass on your address thanks,

Is your clan interested in Crest clothing? yes we can help you.please enquire.


Celtic Wedding Ring Collection

Our jewellery collection  grows and grows and if you know someone getting engaged or married soon please feel free to flick on this newsletter, because we have a real super collection now. Have a little peek at this.


But then again we have a super collection of Celtic jewellery and its .

all on special till end of November. right here



All the best for now, the Celtic Connexions Team


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