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The Homecoming Scotland

Bannockburn June 18th - July 1st 2014

'Its still 15 months away,  but June  2014 will see one of  the biggest Anniversary`s in our lifetime, 700 years after Robert the Bruce`s famous victory, where was all this , at Bannockburn, near Stirling in the heart of Scotland.'

From our tours website. This is really exciting as the tour that we're offering has been in the works for over a year already and with the 2014 gathering shaping up to be a huge event it's something to look forward to. Head over to the tours website for all the details.

If you've ever wanted to see Scotland then this is a great chance to do it with someone who knows the place, has local knowledge and an abiding interest in the history. 


For our specials this week we've got some one off sterling silver items that we're taking 25% off. Check out the website for the details or take a look at the photos below.



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