Silver and Gold ... and RED!

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Hello friends,

I have titled this post 'silver and gold' for two reasons - first in honour of the extraordinary winter we are having. Silver for the icy blankets covering the morning grass, and for the snow flakes that have fallen upon parts of NZ that have never felt the touch of snow before (not in my lifetime anyway). Gold for warming up by the fire, glowing embers, and the welcomed touch of sunshine after days of grey rain.  

Secondly, it is in honour of the new Claddagh ring Celtic Connexions has brought in from Ireland. The design combines the mesmerising shine of fine Sterling Silver, either with the exquisite warmth of Rose Gold, or the classic brightness of Yellow Gold. The band is solid at the front and back, joined with heart-shaped Celtic knots on either side, altogether making for an attractive ring with depth of meaning. Available in a range of sizes, in either silver/rose gold or silver/yellow gold.  

Claddagh Silver and Rose Gold with Celtic Knots
Claddagh Silver and Rose Gold with Celtic Knots

The RED part of our title is in honour of the Red Hot Chilli Pipers, who will be performing in Hamilton this September, at the Scottish event of the year: The Spirit of Bannockburn. 'a night of Scottish revelry' held at Vector Arena on Friday 30th September.

This promises to be a memorable event for those who love all things Scottish. Dress up in your kilt, and get ready for awesome live music by the Red Hot Chilli Pipers, wicked stand-up comedy by Des McLean, tributes to Scottish history on the big screen, and much more. Bring some extra money and enjoy a meal of haggis, neeps and tatties!

Please follow this link for more information.

TICKETS GO ON SALE TODAY. If you buy before 31 August, tickets are $39 instead of $49.

McCullum Bagpipes

Celtic Connexions is proud to work with McCullum Bagpipes to bring you top-quality pipes, chanters and reeds, all made in Scotland. If there is something you want from McCullum Bagpipes that is not advertised on our website, please talk to Bob, he can order anything. Phone 0800 Haggis to talk to Bob, and discuss prices.

Little more than a decade ago McCullum Bagpipes was a two person business working out of a small shed. Now they employ 30+ staff, most of whom are skilled pipers. Every step of production takes place within the McCullum workship, and only the highest standard of workmanship is accepted.

Please follow our link for more information, or phone Bob on 0800 HAGGIS.


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That is all from us today. We wish you all the best,

Heidi Brown

Bob Wallace.


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