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Dont forget Tartan Day is Saturday week,see the invite

Tartan Day - Societies Combined Clans Invitation wps.doc


Look forward to seeing you there

We have teamed up with some other New Zealand Business to bring you an even better service.

No 1 is `The Scottish Heirloom Co`.We now have in-store their wonderful range of  Bronze Clan Crests/ Clan Rings in Gold and Silver and other Clan items.

see here on our website

We have details of your Clan availability in shop



No 2 is with Pattersons Bagpipe Supplies and we have Wallace bagpipes and accessories in shop as well.John is currently in Scotland on his`annual pilgrimage` and we are asking him to source us some new items.

No 3 is with Greg Wilson and yes we have in stock ` Gregs ` chanter reeds. A great sound.Try them with us.

No 4 is Kilt Jackets and just about anything else by Ivan`The Suit Surgeon in Dunedin and I must say he makes a very fine `jacobite` style shirt.


So we can now supply most of your needs or source them easier for you.Please give us a chance to quote for your needs.


Lastly but nae least we have supplies in-shop of frozen foodstuffs from our Scottish mates Diane and Harry Mackay in Auckland.

Haggis,Pies,Black and White puds,Lorne sausage and tattie scones and and

Remember Clan Wallace NZ are going to the `Gathering `next July 2009.There is a seperate Category in the newsletter.make sure you are on it by editing your post ok, and we will send out a special news post in the next month with ideas of costs etc.

Have a safe and happy weekend




12 years, 6 months ago
Love the new user friendly web!

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