Pipe Band Championships 2008 and Celtic Fusion

Posted 12 years, 5 months ago by Bob Wallace    1 comment

Please support the Celtic Fusion show this Saturday night! Ceara and her dance academy have gone out on a limb to book the Performing Arts Centre, and it is only $15. No door sales - Ticket Direct or your local library.   It is a warm  family show, lovely costumes, we dance The Seige of Ennis on the immigrant ship (how cool is that?), and Bob is playing in it (how cool is THAT!)   See you there,   Ingrid  (one of the adult chorus in the back row)



and see here .The 2008 pipe band Championships 2008 on cd and DVD.The qualifying round has New Zealand Police






12 years, 5 months ago
Where is the Performing Arts Centre?
Just wondering ! Hope you all had a good night.

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