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Aye I came back to this e mail from STV Scotland on all the ways to transform yourself for 2011. Please have a look if you feel up to it  here

But if ye cant then go to our front page and cheer yourself (or your significant other) up with our new jewellery range.some really nice new designs.

The oldest bagpipe chanter returns to Scotland

The oldest bagpipe chanter has returned to Scotland after being kept in a family for eight generations. The chanter belonged to Iain Dall MacKay, one of Scotland’s finest 17th Century composers.

Now the chanter – an heirloom of the MacKay Sinclair family – has been donated to National Museums Scotland to go on display in the National Piping Centre in Glasgow.

The instrument is one of the oldest dateable relics of the Highland bagpipe tradition so is key to understanding what was known as the golden age of Gaelic piping.

read the full story here

and speaking of chanters our supplier `Wallace bagpipes` have just launched a new website.Please have a look  here

We have specials on our Classic 1 range,details also on our front page.

Next stop Turakina and then Paeroa.if we can help any of you Pipe Band people or Clansmen by taking goods for you to have a look at please let us know





Bob and Heidi



steven gordon hill
10 years, 3 months ago
Hi Bob,hope the new year is being kind to you.Hoping to get to Turakina but depends on good old finances.Will definitely be at Paeroa so hope to catch you there.How is re-enactment performance shaping up?

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