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This looks good.Please read on.

Hello from Anne-Marie,


I've taken an enormous leap of faith and managed to persuade two absolutely fantastic international musicians to give a house concert on Saturday 17 January 2009. I REALLY do need your help so PLEASE all come to this concert and tell your friends so that I can give them a good return! Please pass this email on to anyone you can think of who may be interested in early and/or traditional music.


Chris Norman was the flute player on the film Titanic. They are on route to the boxwood festival.


Date:                Saturday 17 January 2009


Time:                4.00 pm open mike

7.00 pm concert


Location:           198 Waikoukou Valley Rd


(2km off SH 16 - turn right at the Muriwai intersection)


Cost:                $15 per adult

                        Children under 15 free of charge


Contact:            Anne-Marie Forsyth - 021 180 6230



BYO Picnic - Plenty of parking is available. If you are coming long-distance then camping is also available.


There will be sales at the door but it would be helpful if I could have some ideas of numbers please.


Thanks so much in advance,




Two of the most imaginative and dynamic performers in traditional and early music join forces to present a program that runs the gamut from renaissance, baroque, traditional and original music incorporating flutes, violins, vielles, pipes, keyboards, and voice. David Greenberg has gained the reputation in Cape Breton music circles as being one of the few people from outside the Nova Scotia island to have achieved a fluent command of the Cape Breton idiom. He has been lauded as "one of the most impassioned folk-fiddlers you'll ever hear" (James Manishen, Winnipeg Free Press). These two extraordinary performers have played together as sparring partners for more than a decade on the concert stage and recording studio.


. . . taught himself folk fiddle tunes by ear as a young child growing up in Maryland. He learned conventional classical violin through his teens, and in the mid 80s he studied baroque violin with Stanley Ritchie at Indiana University's Early Music Institute. DG spent the 1990s performing and recording with Tafelmusik while developing a specialty in Scottish baroque-folk music, recording three groundbreaking CDs in this genre with his group Puirt A Baroque. Immersing himself in Cape Breton traditional music, he also co-authored at this time the DunGreen Collection, a treatise on Cape Breton fiddle music, with his wife Kate Dunlay. He lives with his family in Halifax, Nova Scotia, dividing his time among various regular collaborators and an irregular one now and then just for fun. He directs the Tempest baroque ensemble in Halifax.


Hailed as one of the finest flute players of our time, Chris Norman proves over and over again that the simple wooden flute is the original- and still unsurpassed- woodwind of expression, passion, joy and subtlety. His influential work as a performer, composer, recording artist and teacher has brought the simple wooden flute to the forefront as an alternative voice to the modern orchestral instrument.

Born in Halifax Nova Scotia, he began his musical studies at the age of ten. His interest in the traditional music of Maritime Canada; Scottish, Irish and French Canadian Styles, drew him from his early path studying classical flute. Chris embarked upon a quest to learn the music from the tradition bearers, travelling across North America and Europe. His subsequent work has redefined the boundaries of both traditional and classical styles, forging a synthesis that has been embraced by audiences, scholars, and critics of both schools.

Norman's flute playing can be heard featured in the Oscar winning soundtrack of Titanic as well as other films including Stone of Destiny and Soldier. His solo CD releases have received unanimous praise from critics and audiences alike. His debut Man With the Wooden Flute made the Billboard crossover charts for 12 weeks. Since that time Norman has collaborated, toured and recorded with some of today's most seminal artists in the genres of early music and traditional folk music.

Chris regularly teaches master classes and has conducted symposia at many schools of music around the world. He has inspired thousands of musicians both young and old as the founder and director of the Boxwood Festivals and Workshops. Boxwood has established a worldwide presence celebrating and sharing the music and traditions of the flute, inviting a multicultural and multi-disciplinary dialogue between performers, teachers, scholars, students, and makers of the flute through annual week-long festivals taking place in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia and Rotorua, New Zealand. In each case, Boxwood's participants join with members of the local community for music, concerts, dances, classes, and informal sessions creating a tightly woven bond for an experience to be treasured. Under Norman's guidance Boxwood has followed the paths of musical oral tradition in Scotland, Ireland, Cape Breton, Quebec, and New England, as well as exploring music of Breton, Galician, Cuban Charanga, Native American and classical Indian styles by inviting tradition bearers, top players and musical visionaries to share their music. In short, Boxwood aims to present ideas that encourage musicians to leave the printed page and find their own voice.


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