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With all the games now finished for  the season the next events will be the Clan tartan days. Our local Hamilton  Combined Clans 'TARTAN DAY' will be held at the 'AGORA CAFE' Kent St, Frankton, 3rd July,2010 Hosted by Clan MacLachlan.
Tartan Day  here is celebrated on 1 July,or nearest,  the day Royal Assent was granted to repeal the Act of Proscription, prohibiting the wearing of any Scottish national dress or the playing of bagpipes!
More info as it comes.

Speaking of National dress, dont forget our special on Tartan sashes. Only $ 70 if ordered this month April and if available.

Piping World

If you already have an electronic chanter, like a fagerstrom then see this


i have not got my hands on the programme yet but soon.

Please let us have a chance at pricing any of your piping requirements.We look forward to being of service.

Irish Rose of Tralee

Entries close soon for this years `Rose`and if you have a minute have a look at the NZ webiste for info. see here.


May7th.  Biddies Irish pub in Hamilton  is the place for our local girl to be picked for the Waikato region.Find out where your local event is being staged , and support if you can.The Rose of Tralee festival is an international competition which is celebrated among Irish communities all over the world. The festival takes its inspiration from a nineteenth century ballad of the same name about a woman called Mary, who because of her beauty was called The Rose of Tralee.

Green Fire Islands.Irish Maori dvd

"Green Fire Islands is an extraordinarily important project,  bringing together the traditional music of New Zealand and Ireland for the first time. Dnal Lunny, perhaps the most significant Irish musician and producer of his generation, is the musical director of Green Fire Islands, which sets out to build a musical bridge between two creative island cultures, Ireland and New Zealand. Donal, leading a group of Irish traditional musicians and singers has  arranged this dvd with the finest musicians and singers of the Maori tradition. I have 4 copies at $25 each.Please e mail me.

Blood of the Irish - DVD

Who are the Irish and where did they come from? What blood flows in their veins? The archaeological evidence currently shows that the first human settlement in Ireland was 9,000 years ago, but where did these people come from and are there traces of them still in us today?

 Going beyond traditional genealogy which can only take us back few hundred years, this series explores the genetic history of Irish going back into our distant past. Using groundbreaking studies from Trinity College Dublin and around the world as well as new research conducted especially for this programme, we follow the remarkable story of modern man who left Africa and the particular strands of humankind which ended up in Ireland.

 Journeying from Kenyan plains through Ice Age Europe and the remarkable cave art of Northern Spain, we explore the survival, adaptation and tenacity of our ancestors. What particular genetic traits are Irish? Who are the Irish genetically closest to? Where else does Irish blood flow beyond the shores of this island? 'Blood of the Irish' explores all we want to know about the Irish people and the story of the human colonisation of this island.

 'Produced by Crossing the Line Films - an award-winning television production company specialising in historical, adventure, wildlife, and travel documentaries'.

 Presenter - Diarmuid Gavin.

View trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J53YKv4n68c

I have several copies on the way, let me know of you are interested, in fact let me know if you have been struggling to get hard to locate books or dvd`s now.We can help.



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