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Fold Away bagpipes carrier

These are awesome, Made in Scotland. I saw many pipers carrying their pipes around as we do.

Strong, compact.fits in your sporran

Dont lay your pipes down ever again or get tired from nursing them

Buy online here on our web


For those who remember we collected e mail addresses at

Te Awamutu and Masterton the winners of a great bottle of whisky were

George Yardley. Bay of Plenty Pipe Band

George Stick. St Andrews College

So remember if we are out and about at events collecting  emails, you might just win a bottle of the cratur.

Coming to Hastings for the 60th Diamond jubilee
Hawkes bay Easter Highland games

Entry totals are a lot larger than last year we hear 133 Dancers and 78 Pipers and 10 Drummers, so far.
Where; Lindisfarne College in Pakowhai Road, Hastings
See the best info here on the New Zealand piping dancing website


and yes we will be having a stall there.come see us.


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