Escape Plan

Posted 10 years ago by Bob Wallace    2 comments

Yes there is still time.We have a tour  in August which can take you away from the end of winter here into the sweltering heat of an autumn Scotland. But its getting more limited by the day.Only $6,500.(  brochure available)

Interested. see our tours website   here

Also for the future sign up for our blog on travel and information.its fun stuff,  on another page or go   here

and please when you are out and about on our sites and if you  LIKE us please Like us on would help our ratings and only takes a minute. On our front page scroll down till you see the facebook link.Thanx

In return you can / or we will take the Gst off any product purchased on our website till the end of March.If not in stock we will `layby` and you will still get the discount when arrives.


Awesome eh



Bob and Heidi


Michael O'Regan
10 years ago
As I have said in person(I must come back in the not too distant future and buy some more lovely silver jewellery), I am glad that your shops exists, especially in hamilton which has gone to shit as far as decent shops go and shops with the things I like.Normally one would have to go to Auckland and even then one would be hard pressed to find the excellent products/goods the shop sells, not too mention the excellent conversation and help of the proprietor Bob.
If I had a current passport and also some spare money I would come on the tour.Sounds bloody excellent.I am not too sure about the heat in Scotland bit though.I didn't think the temperature ever got over 20 C in the UK ever!! ;D lol
10 years ago
thanx Michael. if you like stories you should sign up for my blogs

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