Sale Still On!

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Fàilte, Mateen Va

Since our windows were adorned by the yellow "closing down" signs, Celtic Connexions has experienced a new burst of life. Dragons and faeries are flying off the shelves, as are many of our Celtic knick-knacks. CDs and whistles are following the same tune - no doubt moving on to spread lively Celtic music all over the Waikato, and beyond! Many customers are walking away happy, having received an excellent deal on a new kilt, or a stunning piece of jewellery.

While our sale is proving to be a huge success, there are still plenty of bargains to be had, so do come in and see for yourself! If you are looking for a smart, quality kilt jacket, come in and see Bob - he will give you a good deal.

We are excited to announce our brand new website is up and running. We have kept our old web address,, so you can find us easily. We hope the improvements will make your on-line shopping experience more straightforward and enjoyable. We are very pleased with the new look.  

Bob has also been busy setting up a Clan Wallace website. You will be able to order custom made kilt ware, Clan crests, badges, pins, and more.

If you want a bit of cheering up this winter, check out the Scottish radio show Bob highly recommends - Andy's Ceilidh. Have a ball in your own living room!

That is all from me,

Chì mi rithist thu!

Heidi Brown.

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