Clan Day, St Andrews and Scotland next year

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Clan Day this year is in Huntly on October 3rd

Hosted by Clan Cameron

Please see the Invite and come along

COMBINED CLANS DAY Invite and programme 2009.doc

Advance Notice of St Andrews supper and entertainment at

The Fox and Hounds

on November 30th .(more info later)

Ok I`ve been to Scotland, done the gathering and went on tour with some very lovely like-minded people.

So I am going to do a tour next year and hope we can make this a permanent event, maybe even include some time in Ireland in future.

Ask me for a pamphlet.

The cost is unbeatable .

and last but not least.

Inspired by events in Scotland

I sense a band, coming on

The Sciwi`s(I am the piper)

BUT i need drummers, not fancy drummers

maybe one decent snare and 5 more to belt it oot

see here

We have a challenge to play at Paeroa tattoo which is on

Feb 13th by the way

see more of them on U tube

theya re called Clanadonia(ta to Carol for pic)

we have electric guitar as well

go for it

join us

we have drums





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