Great to be back and Christmas is Coming

Posted 10 years, 7 months ago by bob    1 comment

Yes and it’s a very warm welcome back from me as I have just returned from Scotland, warm as in hospitality not the weather. Lol


Celtic Connexions was  busy over there, sourcing new goodies and Steven and Heidi have been keeping the `home fires burning` in New Zealand  although Heidi has had her head well down studying. So good on you Steven. thanx

Ok whether you like it or not Xmas is round the corner, keep an eye out for our specials’  starting right now,  and remember if you need anything like tartan it takes a while so please don’t leave till the last minute.

The Emigrants Statue Helmsdale

The  tours went very well I am happy to say especially cool was  The Highlands /Iceland and Nova Scotia, this was pretty much a pioneer trip for those brave souls  with me and  if you would like to see where we were and what we did see our blog here.

For those who know or are interested I have been playing a plastic set of McCallums bagpipes all over Scotland,and Nova Scotia  I was quite surprised how good they were, review coming. They are now for sale in our trade me store section here

or our facebook page, track us down rather than me link you coz thats better. makes the search engines work.

Why dont you like us , that will get us brownie points too please

Real  specials  on McCallum and Wallace bagpipes as well. Not listed , what do you need , ask me.


I really did miss New Zealand this time, and its now officially `home`.and I want to learn to step dance, ala Cape Breton style. magic






Lois Livingston
10 years, 7 months ago
Hi Bob,
Do the Skiwis want a spot at the Heritage Festival on December 2nd in Steele Park.
Cheers Lois

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