Celtic Father's Day

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Pssst it is father's day soon (6 September) and we need to spoil those dear chaps for being great dads!

Are you stuck for that something special wee or LARGE gift?? Celtic Connexions has a fabulous  and different range of gifts:

There is something for eveybody. Some ideas

Choose from our extensive range of celtic jewellery. A manly pendant or ring will not go amiss. For the Irish inclined we have hillarious small figurines of Finnigan, the Irish leprechaun and for the Scotsman there are hats and tee-shirts available. We even have haggis in a tin for a surprise breakfast.

If you are in the area call into the shop and talk to our friendly staff or visit the website for leisurely browse in the privacy of your home. And just while we are at it St Justin's range of bronze zodiac signs are now available. Bronze is a fusion of copper and tin. St Justin uses recycled copper and Cornish tin to recreate this ancient metal. After casting at over 1000 degrees into a mould they then handpolish the irems to produce this collection of unique jewellery. Worth checking out.

PS Bob is now back from his holiday, buzzing, ready to do it all over again. Watch this space for more information. He is already planning next years adventure. If you want a brochure now give us a call.

Verena, Celtic trainee


11 years, 7 months ago
Celtic trainee arrrgh

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