Celtic Connexions Closing down SALE.

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All stock has to go.

Yes I have decided to call the internet side of the business a day; it’s all becoming a little too hard for me and just as competitive online. Why?. well I need to explore other of life`s options

We will still be selling Celtic Rings made in New Zealand by Peter Shakes and some Celtic Jewellery but the goal is-

I can make more time for our tours.To me the ultimate Celtic Connexion.

You can read more below. Thank you for your wonderful support these last 10 years, It is appreciated, and I have made some fabulous friends and hopefully managed to keep the Celtic spirit alive.

Now you can pick up bargains, early Chrissie presents maybe, only a few weeks to do this or until stocks go.

Also next week starting September 2nd Monday Tuesday and Wednesday I will be having a stall outside No 9 Jolly Street Hamilton selling all sorts of goodies. Please come and have a browse, also remember I have items not online, like Kilt belts, Glengaries and cd`s and lots more going at good prices. Ask away.

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Speaking of Scotland Tours we still have places on our Bannockburn anniversary trip now really discounted as well. let me know if you would like to join us on this epic, once in a lifetime trip.

Our Edinburgh and Scottish Highlands and islands trips are now half full, so again if you have an interest let me know.

Phone 0800 haggis

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As some will know I have a desire to help others in the mental health area, and I start work soon part time.  I am continuing my studies at Wintec and to be honest it’s all absolutely fascinating. I have a sister with dementia and it’s really opened my eyes to the problems and the underestimation of the situation.

None of us can afford to take our mental health for granted. One in five New Zealanders experience a mental illness or an addiction, and this takes a huge toll on individuals and their families, on society, and on the economy.

People with mental illness and addiction can experience severe discrimination, and this undermines their recovery.

But as well as my wishes I fear the new wave!! of internet selling swamping me, an ever more demanding public expecting everything at continual rock bottom prices ( like the Briscoe’s syndrome.) hackers and fraudsters and scammers always picking away and keeping you vigilant. And the Kiwi icon our beloved Trade Me, a fabulous website but I admit I have been unable to wean you all off there and convince you to buy from our much cheaper website. Trade me costs, listings and a variety of their selling fees, all add up to an enormous expense in monthly outlays.

There is more to life, maybe I can get back playing more music and dancing my heart out, so off I am going on a new journey.

Whatever your journey, follow  your dreams.

“There is one great truth on this planet: whoever you are, or whatever it is that you do, when you really want something, it’s because that desire originated in the soul of the universe. It’s your mission on earth.” –quote from  http://www.sensophy.com

Bless Steven and Heidi for helping to keep the Celtic flags flying in the stores and my grateful thanks to a few other staff who worked for me over the years.

All the best , all the time,




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