Beat the GST

Posted 10 years, 7 months ago by Bob Wallace    0 comments

Yes its crept up on us, new GST rate next month but whats just as bad is Vat in the Uk goes up to 20 % at the same time.

That will indirectly push Uk prices up across the board

So the best time to buy is now especially for the deal at the end of this newsletter. ok


Our Waikato Clan day is on October 2 nd in Morrinsville

read all about it here

What are you doing for St Andrews day.

Tuesday- Nov 30th-  date for your diary

Biddies in Hamilton; free entry; lotsa music- haggis meal available.yum


Buy this handy bagpipes carrier AND this carry case all in

For $1600. yes $1600 AND

We will thrown in  new set of Wallace Classic 1 bagpipes,all set up and reeded and playing

Only 2 available--- do it now right here


what a deal


till next time





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