Art Pewter

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Art Pewter

 Thank you to everyone who ordered one of our lovely Soul Mate rings, featured in our last newsletter. Today we venture into art pewter jewellery (click on the link to see a larger selection on our facebook page where we would love you to like us!)

Celtic Knot Amethyst $55
Celtic Knot Amethyst $55

Thank you for the correction on the Robert Burns poem - the date should have been 1794 not 1974! I thought I would include another poem from Scotland, seeing as though the Art Pewter range is made there, and I think this particular poem uses stunning imagery of colours, not entirely unlike the beautiful spectrum of amethyst jewellery.

Mountain Twilight

The hills slipped over each on each
   Till all their changing shadows died.
Now in the open skyward reach
   The lights grow solemn side by side.
While of these hills the westermost
Rears high his majesty of coast
   In shifting waste of dim-blue brine
   And fading olive hyaline;
Till all the distance overflows,
   The green in watchet and the blue
In purple. Now they fuse and close -
   A darkling violet, fringed anew
With light that on the mountains soar,
A dusky flame on tranquil shores;
   Kindling the summits as they grow
In audience to the skies that call,
Ineffable in rest and all
   The pathos of the afterglow.

William Renton 1893


Amethyst Brooch $50
Amethyst Brooch $50

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