Weddings and gifts

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Wedding Celebrant

Announcing we now have Kerrill Cooper celebrant, working in store.  Celtic wedding a specialty - Scottish, Irish, Celtic, handfasting tradition. Kerrill can help with all aspects of planning weddings.

Let us  help to plan the music for the day; bagpiper available; small music background entertainment to full Ceilidh band

Ask for a brochure please.


Quaichs - Unique, thoughtful and very Celtic

The Quaich is a traditional drinking cup that holds its origins in the barbaric and dangerous times of the Celts. In those days when poisoning was a major concern, a quaich was never accepted from a stranger. As a sign of trust and affirmation when two clans came together, the quaich was shared by the clan chiefs to symbolise the union between the two groups.
These days the quaich is a popular wedding gift, symbolising the bringing together of two people and their families. Although traditionally given between Scottish families, the quaich can be given to any couple and its meaning will be just as powerful.

Several always in stock.Discounts for ` more than one`


Claddagh Range of Jewellery

This path leads you to our new website, in particular our growing range of Claddagh Pieces direct from Ireland.



Dragons & Swords

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Only 2 likely arrive


Tim the system will work for me


did you get my e amail last wee


Dragon table special

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on one table the very special rice thos week of $10000



New Shipment

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new goodies arriving from India,chainmail,Scottish swords