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Scottish Snippets
What a hard call job judging Pipe band Competitions is me thinks
International Piping Judges Suspended
The Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association (RSPBA) has notified its
"international" judges that they have not been assigned to any RSPBA events
in 2009. That includes several who judged at RSPBA competitions in 2008.
Apparently the RSPBA decided  that international judges needed to comply
with a requirement to submit sample scoresheets from their work with their
home associations for review by the RSPBA. Failure to supply the sheets.
resulted in notification from RSPBA that they have not been assigned to any
2009 RSPBA competitions, including the World Pipe Band Championships where
approximately one-third of bands are from non-RSPBA organisations. Most of
the international judges affected were added to the RSPBA's panel in 2005,
but only after going through an extensive application process, that
included a seminar, examination and trial-judging, even though most had
extensive judging experience with their home associations. It appears that
some international organisations do not currently automatically make
duplicates of score sheets, so copying would have had to be arranged in
advance. It is noteworthy that the RSPBA does not provide any funding to
international judges for air travel; they are offered the same honourarium
that UK-based RSPBA adjudicators receive, which last year was £66 pounds
for the World Championships." If needed" a sum of £60 is provided for

Cost Cutting May Silence Strathclyde Police Pipe Band
The Strathclyde Police Pipe Band traces its history back to 1883 and its
existence was endorsed by an act of Parliament. But there are reports that
its future is in jeopardy because of a cost-cutting drive. Restrictions are
being placed on police players which could result in the inability of the
band to compete at the highest level. Instead of being able to participate
at the big  five events in the pipe band calendar, including the Scottish,
British, and European championships, the band will only be able to play at
two. It's like telling Rangers or Celtic they can only play in two
competitions. During its history, the band has won 21 competitions and is
one of the most prolific winners of the World Pipe Band Championships.

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